Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items, modules at a glance

  • Create notes
  • View recent meetings
  • View recent notifications list
  • Track execution of projects, tasks, documents, & deliverables
  • Manage Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  • Action plan for tracking Sales Pipeline
  • Close More Deals, Quicker

Project Management

Organise your projects like a pro with Team Task. The project management module gives you tools to monitor execution of the projects, keep track of the budget, expenses, employees time & risk management. It also sends notification alerts for important milestones.

  • Manage Project Deadlines and resources
  • Risk Management for projects
  • Task management and collaboration
  • Document and file sharing
  • Expenses and time tracking
  • Planning and Discussions
  • Advanced analytics for Project & Reports

Task Management

With Team Task, you can assign tasks to employees. Keep track of the execution of tasks, get updates on the tasks with time logging & timesheets. The tasks which are overshooting deadlines will send notifications alerts to employees & their managers. Streamline the workflow of your deliverables & execution.

  • Track due dates for tasks
  • Log time for a task
  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Share documents related to tasks
  • Employees can submit tasks for review
  • Project Managers can close/reopen tasks
  • Notification alerts for assignments & completion of tasks

Invoices and Quotes

Generate dynamic quotes and invoices with multiple taxes, currencies and send it to the prospected clients & opportunities through Team Task. Keep track of paid, unpaid & partially payments of the invoices and record revenues for your company.

  • Create Invoice and Quotes
  • Link Invoices & Quotes for Products & Services
  • Export Invoices in Pdf, XLS, Doc & Other formats
  • Send invoice via email
  • Track Payment Status of Invoices, send Reminders
  • Track Partial Payments of Invoices

Team Task Scheduler

Team Task Scheduler is a powerful tool which helps you schedule your meetings, calls and appointments. You can schedule your meetings and invite related people by auto generated invitation emails and notifications. You also get reminders for scheduled meetings. You can invite clients for meetings by using the team task scheduler.

  • Notifications, alerts & reminders for Meetings
  • Schedule Conference calls with Clients
  • Calendar View for quick history of Meetings/calls

Employee Management

Provide your employees sophisticated tools for productivity. Assign tasks to employees & track the status. Engage them in meaningful conversations through discussion boards. Empower them with tools to log time for their works. Track employees' communications with your customers & get feedback for their services. Manage their timesheets, growth & performance.

Document Management

Maintain your documents with the virtual directory & separate folders. You can upload multiple documents and share these documents with your employees.

  • Upload documents to projects, tasks & CRM
  • Tags for searching your files.
  • Access your files over cloud, anytime anywhere.
  • No file type restrictions
  • Restrict Access of your documents with privileges

Expenses Management

An expense is the reduction in value of an asset as it is used to generate revenue. If the underlying asset is to be used over a long period of time, the expense takes the form of depreciation, and is charged ratably over the useful life of the asset. If the expense is for an immediately consumed item, such as a salary, then it is usually charged to expense as incurred. If an expenditure is for a minor amount that may not be consumed for a long period of time, it is usually charged to expense at once, to eliminate the accounting staff time that would otherwise be required to track it as an asset. xpense usually involves one of the following transactions:

  • Reflects a cash payment.
  • Reflects a purchase made on credit.
  • Reflects the charging to expense of an asset, such as depreciation expense on a fixed asset.
  • Reflects a payment not involving trade payables, such as the interest payment on a loan, or an accrued expense.

CRM Work Flow

Grow Your Business by streamlining your marketing efforts. Get more Customer Acquisitions with streamlined workflow for Salespipeline. Import Contacts from business directories, yellow pages & translate them into qualified leads. Use Team Task's advanced search filters for better lead prospecting & conversions. Empower your sales staff with the best in class CRM solution with mobile access for faster conversions. Access leads, data & history of your prospects to convert deals faster. Team Task has a proven methodology for shortening sales cycles & helps business development activities with real time analytics. It offers data Insights, step by step conversions, sales planning, meetings & everything else you need to sell your products/services more effectively.

  • Data Analytics to get qualified leads
  • Focused Marketing with streamlined & Collaborative efforts
  • Automate, Optimise & Transform your Sales
  • Manage Contacts, leads, opportunities & Clients
  • Assign tasks to employees & track them realtime
  • Follow best practices for shortening the Sales Cycle
  • Proven ROI with organised sales for growth of your business


Manage your contacts with unique contact list that helps you to differentiate your valuable contacts & decision makers at a glance. Apply advanced search filters & filteration to generate leads. Import contacts from your existing excel sheets in seconds. Team Task is also equipped with business directories where you can search and import business contacts for quick conversions. Stay up to date & know everything about interactions with your contacts through history.

  • Manage Unlimited contacts
  • Import your contacts from existing excel sheets
  • Capture visitors on your website as contacts
  • Advanced search filters for leads that convert faster
  • Automatic removal of duplicate contacts
  • Integration of Social platforms like FB, LinkedIn & Twitter to engage with Contacts
  • Communicate with contacts through email, social media tools from Team Task


Team task gives you the provision to import leads, convert contacts to leads with criteria based filtration or capture them from your home page as web leads. The step by step plan ensures that no action item is missed & leads are handled with high priority. Proactive notification alerts for conversions, events & action items are sent to individual owners. Product & Service sales pitches, descriptions & files are shared to the lead owners for helping them convert leads faster. The execution at each step & all communications with leads are recorded. Collaboration, information sharing & action items are organised on the dashboard for the lead owners.

  • Import leads from existing excel sheets, contacts & Web visitors
  • Qualified leads generation from the advanced filter options
  • Track every action item related to a lead
  • Sales pitch, product/service description & best practices to convert deals faster
  • Faster Lead Assignment & Distribution
  • Proactive notifications & action alerts to lead owners
  • Targeted segmentation, organisation & quicker conversions
  • Export Leads, reports in different formats like xls, doc, & pdf
  • 3D Reports with advanced filters & business analytics for Management


Measure, track & manage your opportunities with real time data & analytics. Team Task helps you organise all information about the prospects, interactions & history at each step. The auto tracking, follow up & best practices for sales allows for better conversions. More accurate sales projections based on opportunities at hand. Sales pitch for your products/services, demonstrations, quotations, & conversations with the clients to faciliate quicker business results.

  • Automation of Sales cycle
  • Sales projections based on current opportunities
  • History for every prospect
  • Notifications, alerts & follow-up messages for key events
  • Link products/services and Opportunities
  • Best practices for sales team across board
  • Information, Insights & collaboration for Improving Sales


In this consumer driven age, what sets apart great companies is the service they provide their customers. Team Task helps you achieve great service for your customers by providing tools like Help desk management, Live chat, & Realtime Support. The profile of all your customers with all historical data is always available for reference. All meetings, discussions, calls, queries, complaints of your customers are available at a single click. Get alerts & notifications for customer issues instantly. Make a great impression with excellent customer service, use online monitoring tools in Team Task to know what customers are saying about you. Approach your existing customers for new products & services.

  • Engage, listen & communicate with customers more effectively
  • Your service platform for excellent customer service
  • Act on customer complaints, communications & follow up faster
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Collect Referals from your happy customers

Discussion Board

Start your internal Discussion with your Employee,Department,Team members. you can post and share your innovative idea with specific member you can share your post on social networking site like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn.

Sales Automation

Team Task enables you to not only enable Sales automation, but provides actionable insights to improve revenue metrics. It helps you answer these questions with upto date details.

  • What is the revenue per day for your business?
  • What is the effective Win Rate for your organisation?
  • What is the average deal size of the current year compared to previous years?
  • Which are the hottest deals for your company & who is involved?
  • What are the next steps related to a big ticket closure?
  • How many sales persons are doing below company average?

Help Desk

Use our help desk tool to communicate with your customers. Our clients can use this feature to communicate with their customers. An elegant system for dealing with inbound ticket requests from any channel. Team Task provides 24/7 support to help customers & answer their queries. Your customers can log requests, complaints & communicate with you using Help Desk.

With help desk support, it is easy to improve your customer's satisfaction and your support team’s performance. You can provide Live chat support, Call center support, Email support for your customers. Team Task helps makes your customer service experience better.

  • Provide Live Chat Support for your clients
  • Call Center support & agents for troubleshooting problems
  • Improve customer service by using powerful communication tools & be accessible for your clients
  • Proactive support, data & analytics to track the performance of customer service
  • Alerts & notifications for customer calls & messages
  • Assign agents to serve your customers & resolve their queries
  • Quicker, better service to improve customer loyalty, satisfaction & business

Campaign Management

With Team Task you can manage & promote your brand like never before. Creating campaigns for your products & services is easy. The campaign management allows you to create campaigns for Email Marketing, Social Media Campaign, Radio, TV advertisement, events, Print media and others. Maintain budgets, resources & time for all your campaigns. Manage all your campaigns, track their Return on Investment & follow-up with the prospects. the results of each type of campaigns with detailed statistics.

  • Use attractive prepopulated templates for creating powerful brand messages for your clients
  • Easy & intuitive campaign set-up maximising your potential for conversions
  • Track campaign statistics, messages read by clients, segmentation, & analytics
  • Increase effectiveness & returns for your business by reducing efforts for campaigns with Team Task
  • Access all documents for sales pitch, campaign details & interactions with prospects in one place
  • Create & manage your campaigns, activities & marketing operations with end to end automation
  • Follow-up, assign campaigns to owners, maintain budgets, send proactive alerts for your campaigns

Product and Services

Team Task is a repository for your brand. Mainten all your products, services, their details, brochures, FAQs, quotations, & other relevant material. The teams can collaborate & get the latest information on their finger tips. With all information about products/services organised, introducing them to your prospects is very easy. Manage price book, customer support and other related documents for your products/services.

  • Organise all product & services information at one place
  • Get the latest & upto date info for all your products/services
  • Teams can collaborate & prospect with common messages across board
  • Assign responsibilities for products & services to keep personnel
  • Send Standard or customized quotations for products/services
  • Track prospects, opportunities, leads & clients for particular products & services
  • Update product/services information & make it accessible to everyone


With Team Task you don't need consultants for your business reports. Generating business reports has never been easy. Team Task is equipped with the state of the art reports with powerful tools like BYOR: Build Your Own Report. With this, you can select the module, click the fields, the number of columns, their names, 3D charts, pie charts & graphs. Save & name the report. It is that easy. It takes less than 5 minutes & no consultants for you to migrate your existing reports to Team Task.

  • Graphical and 3D reporting tools for Simple and Intuitive decision making
  • Powerful reporting features to tweak the reports as you want. Fully customisable
  • Reports with Advanced Dynamic Filter options to query the data like you're speaking to an expert
  • Dynamic mapping of columns for reports to choose the data you want
  • All modules & features are equipped with dynamic reports for project management, tasks, CRM work flow, quotations, invoices, expense management & everything else to manage your business
  • Export Data in pdf, xls, doc & other formats as per your needs
  • Analytics reports & insights for your business to measure results